Want to be a Stretch It Out Ambassador? Now is the time!

Our ambassador program allows for athletes from all over to come together over their love of stretching. We look for dancers, gymnasts, contortionists and cheerleaders who are hardworking, dedicated, kind, encouraging and love our company and its values. We do not allow any sort of bullying, bad talking others, poor sportsmanship or elitist attitudes on our squad.

This group is a family. They love one another, they encourage each other, they cheer for each others accomplishments and they work towards bettering their craft and themselves. They enjoy stretching and helping to encourage others on their flexibility journey. They are willing to answer questions about how they use their ladders and how the ladders have helped them. They take their ladders to local comps and conventions to warm up with and show others how they use them for their warm-ups.

If this is you,  Click here to apply.