Who Are Our Stretch Ladders For?
For Those Who Want Greater Flexibility

Not just for dancers.  Our ladder is Exceptional for these sports as well:



Stretching is an essential component to any sports training program.  This is especially true for martial arts.  The extreme range of motion for many of the kicks require more agility and stretching than most sports.   It is very important that martial artists are stretching properly and frequently, not only to avoid injuries but also to gain greater flexibility.




Gymnasts know the overall importance of stretching your muscles to achieve optimum performance levels. It is known that better flexibility will improve your performance in physical activities as well as decrease your risk of injuries by helping your joints move through their full range of motion.  This enables your muscles to work most effectively. Stretching your muscles also increases blood flow to the muscle. Our Gymnast friends use our stretch ladder, and the results have far exceeded both athletes and coaches expectations.



Both private and hotel gyms have a great use for our one of a kind Stretch Ladder. Gym patrons reduce the risk of an in-gym injury 10 fold by properly stretching before hitting the weights. Please encourage and teach a culture that places a high value on pre-workout stretching routines. Encourage all gym goers to take care of their bodies first and foremost. Stretching your muscles can mean the difference between living an injury-free life and otherwise.



Football programs are looking for every competitive edge available out there. Every team can be seen before their games sitting on the field and stretching their muscles. Some with the help of trainers.  By implementing out Stretch It Out Stretch Ladder during pre-season and regular practice schedule, teams have the competitive advantage over their rivals. More limber football players equal fewer injuries and more wins. Contact us about bulk team orders.



Cheerleaders both in training as well as competitive high school athletes use our ladder to properly stretch.  Doing the splits and the over-splits has never been more accessible before.  Our cheerleaders enjoy a new found freedom by excelling past their wildest dreams and becoming more limber than ever thought possible.




Creating a centered life both physically and spiritually, are symbolically connected in the same way that your flexibility and our ladder our.  One is a vessel to find the other.  Being in touch with yourself is a process.  Our Stretch Ladder can stretch the possibilities in your life as easy as it does the job of stretching your muscles.




Before the dunes, the foam pits, and the big jumps, riders use our Stretch It Out Stretch Ladder to get in optimum shape and achieve maximum flexibility. Before ever leaving the ground, riders stretch with our ladder on a consistent training program and accomplish never before realized personal and professional goals.